"The Long Island Medium"

“The Long Island Medium”

who was groomed by the same occult mentor as
“The Long Island Medium” was interviewed on

Holman’s Bible Dictionary: “Medium—One possessed by (Lev. 20:22) or consulting (Deut. 18:11) a ghost or spirit of the dead, especially for information about the future. Acting as a medium was punishable by stoning (Lev. 20:27); consulting a medium, by exclusion from the congregation of Israel (Lev. 20:6).

The Witch of Endor from 1 Samuel 28

The Witch of Endor from 1 Samuel 28

This is known as the sin of “NECROMANCY”. Hear how the Redeeming Blood of Jesus Christ Delivered Jennifer Nizza-Hofacker from this damning practice.

In her own words:

“I was raised to believe in God, but I did not know God. I became a psychic medium which started at a very low time in my life. After losing many children and almost my life I cried out to Jesus and ended up at a church service that brought me to salvation. Jesus saved me from the demise of the occult.”

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