February 28, 2017:

American author, columnist, cultural commentator, frequent television & radio guest on CNN, CNN International, Fox News, Al Jazeera America, & the BBC, columnist for The Atlantic, USA Today,, &The Blaze, author, founder & executive director of the Fixed Point Foundation, debater such high profile atheists as Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennett, & Michael Shermer as well as Muslim cleric Zaid Shakir, organizer & chaired debates on science, religion, & ethics at Trinity College, Oxford University; The Edinburgh International Festival; the Melbourne Town Hall in Melbourne, Australia; Princeton University; & the Oxford Museum of Natural History,
will discuss:

“The FAITH of
The Restless Soul of the World’s Most Notorious Atheist”

Founder of Pilgrim’s Rock, a ministry which develops courses & other material to boost the believer’s joy, comfort, & faith in Christ & Scripture, & to nurture in believers & their children a God-honoring & intellectually defensible worldview that can survive & thrive in the face of sophisticated attacks of unbelief, & instructor for the the Unbreakable Faith course at the Lancaster Bible College Center for Urban Theological Studies in Philadelphia,
will discuss:

“The BOX: Answering the Faith of UNBELIEF”

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