August 29, 2016:

David Gornoski,
writer for World Net Daily (WND), a fellow of the Moving Picture Institute,
guest contributor to & Altar & Throne,
featured journalist in The New York Times, St. Pete Times, The, & The Discovery Institute, producer for a nationally syndicated radio program as well as an on-air personality &
founder of A Neighbor’s Choice, an educational platform for introducing Jesus’ culture of nonviolence to Christians from a neighborly perspective,
will address the theme:

“Enshrining CHAOS as JUSTICE:
Should Christians Support the Use of Violence & Domination to Subdue Those Who Disagree With Us?”


Josh Fryman,
pastor of Community Baptist Church of Riverhead, NY,
& featured conference speaker at the
“2016 Christ Our Redeemer Conference” @ Pittsboro Baptist Church, Indiana,
will address the theme:
“The Centrality of CHRIST Throughout Redemptive History”

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