An old friend of mine, William Norman Grigg, a former Mormon who came to a saving knowledge of the true Christ & true Gospel of Scripture, outspoken Christian libertarian, unwavering Constitutionalist, prolific writer & former Senior Editor of “The New American” magazine, went Home to be with his Lord for eternity on April 12, 2017, at 54 years of age after a heart attack. Will was without question a brilliant man, perhaps even on the level of genius, something those who opposed his views could hardly deny with a straight face. A longtime mutual friend of Will’s & mine, Bob Unger, who is an Orthodox Jew, was so moved by an interview I conducted with Will a decade ago, during which Will recounted his salvation experience, that Bob, believe it or not, requested I make the audio file available to the public. It is in loving memory of Will that I post these 2 audio files of interviews with him in hopes that our Sovereign God will use them to transform the lives of others still trapped in false religions.

The first interview posted (08-07-2007) is our interview on the infamous “Mountain Meadows Massacre”, & the second (08-22-2007) is our aforementioned interview on “William Norman Grigg’s Conversion from Mormonism to Biblical Christianity”. Please pray for Will’s wife & 6 children during this time of sorrow.

–Chris Arnzen


08-07-2007 “Mountain Meadows Massacre”

08-22-2007 “William Norman Grigg’s Conversion from Mormonism to Biblical Christianity”