September 30, 2015 Show with Marc Grimaldi on “Gossip: The Church Killer” and “OCD: Finding Hope & Christ on the Edge of Insanity”


September 30, 2015:



Pastor of

“OCD: Finding Hope & Christ on the Edge of Insanity”

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  1. A Christian friend of mine is going through a struggle with OCD in the form of obsessive thoughts about going to Hell. Just found this radio program, and it provides useful information about her experience.

    My friend takes medication and gets counseling. Yet she has not reached a point where she can distance herself from her thoughts and objectively respond to them. She continues to have many moments when she thinks she is “too far gone” and is beyond God’s help.

    The challenge for me is how to encourage her to “rest in Christ” when she is busy telling herself (and me) that she is hard, reprobate, lost, etc.


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