June 28, 2018 Show with Dr. Stephen J. Nichols on “J. Gresham Machen: A Guided Tour of His Life & Thought” PLUS Nathan Pickowicz on “Early American Puritans”


June 28, 2018:

chief academic officer of Ligonier Ministries,
president of Reformation Bible College,
Ligonier teaching fellow, adjunct professor
for Reformed Theological Seminary,
visiting lecturer at Westminster Theological
Seminary’s program at the John Owen Centre
in London, author of many books including
Welcome to the Story, Peace: Classic Readings
for Christmas, A Time for Confidence &
volumes in the Guided Tour series on Jonathan
Edwards, Martin Luther, & J. Gresham Machen,
& host of the weekly podcast 5 Minutes in Church
History. who will address:

A Guided Tour of His Life & Thought”
& “The 2019 G3 Conference”!!!


Nathan Pickowicz,
pastor of Harvest Bible Church in Gilmanton Iron
Works, New Hampshire, writer for Entreating Favor
& Servants of Grace & author, who will address:

“The 2019 Fellowship Conference New England”!!!

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  1. For the most extensive bibliography of the writings of Machen, see James T. Dennison, Jr. and Grace Mullen, “A Bibliography of the writings of J. Gresham Machen,” in Pressing Toward the Mark: Essays Commemorating Fifty Years of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, ed. C. G. Dennison & R. C. Gamble (Philadelphia, PA: OPC, 1986), 461-485.



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