July 16, 2015 ISI Radio Show with Pastor Keith Foskey on “Methods of Sovereign Grace Evangelism”

July 16, 2015 ISI Radio Show with Pastor Keith Foskey on “Methods of Sovereign Grace Evangelism”
Pastor Keith Foskey

Pastor Keith Foskey

“METHODS of SOVEREIGN GRACE EVANGELISM” is our theme with my guest Pastor Keith Foskey, Pastor of Sovereign Grace Family Church in Jacksonville, FL.

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  1. Brothers,
    I sent Chris an email and he said to post my suggestion here. This message is for those of you who volunteer in posting the podcasts, etc.

    Perhaps, for the podcast uploads, you could consider splitting the two-hour shows into two one-hour podcasts. This would be less bulky and more favorable for, say, listening to the first hour of the show at one time and then some other podcast in between and then listening to the second hour; rather than having to listen to the whole two hours (so that you don’t lose your place) before listening to some other podcast. Do you understand what I’m saying? Just logistics. Also, it would help for storage management on my phone–I don’t want a two-hour podcast stored on my phone if I only want to listen to the first half again. It takes up a lot of space.

    This would be really helpful, but I don’t want to bind your conscience. I understand you are volunteering, so THANK YOU!! A two-hour podcast is better than NO podcast!!! :-)

    In Christ,
    River La Belle
    Centerville, MA

    • Makes sense. Would be harder to manage on this side of things though.

      What podcasting software do you have? Any descent podcasting software should have location remembering so you can go back and forth between shows and pickup where you left off.

      Anyways, ya sorry. :)


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