July 11, 2018 Show with Kirk van der Swaagh on “Compassion Without Compromise in the Heart of a Liberal City”


July 11, 2018:

Kirk van der Swaagh,
Pastor of the Neighborhood Church of
Greenwich Village, New York City (CCCC)
who will address:

COMPROMISE in the Heart of a Liberal City”

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  1. Here is why listening live is preferable. I am only able to listen later so couldn’t jump in via email. This interview, while very interesting, left me disappointed. I feel that homosexuality took over the theme as stated in the title. Silly me, i thought issues like environmentalism, #me too, recreational marijuana use, etc. could be spoken about. I am positive that these things are very important to the folks in the neighborhood. Much more so than homosexuality, which by the way, is not a sin of only politically liberal people. ISI listeners can assume how guest pastors view homosexuality. It is much more interesting to know how a conservative reformed-doctrinally pastor in The Village relates to liberal isms. I’d bet he doesn’t vocally condemn them all as commie conspiracies. Please invite him back to really get into a Christian Church in a liberal environment! (As opposed to a sinful environment- even folks in Carlisle, PA are living in a sinful environment, right?)


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