January 5, 2018 Show with Martyn McGeown on “Called to Watch for Christ’s Return”


January 5, 2018:

Martyn McGeown,
author & pastor of Limerick Reformed Fellowship
in Limerick City, Republic of Ireland, who will address:


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  1. Great Show!!!
    In this past year I have increasingly considered the Amillenium perspective for Christ’s Return. I read scripture daily and do not see the Post or Pre- or Prederist teachings there. Although I have not studied extensively on end times messages, I do see a problem in some of the popular teachings (rapture???, 1000 year???, Christ descending twice???). Our Christian teachers are not much “like minded” about this subject unfortunately. I recently listened to the entire teaching sermons on Amilleniumism by Voddie Baucham that I found on the web. He approaches this subject more from the “spiritual”meaning of. I believe that he is on the right course with the teaching as it lines up better with scripture on this view point. As I have read the scriptural passages that are popularly used concerning the end time teachings from Christ, I would have to agree with the Amill perspective based entirely on what I also see the scriptures saying. I really enjoyed this show as it brought to light even more of what I see the scriptures are teaching. As we get closer to Christ’s Return, the Spirit of Christ will move us to the truth so that all who are in Christ will be prepared appropriately!
    I hope to get my hands on Martyn McGeown’s book soon. It will be a great book to use for studying this position more deeply!


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