February 7, 2018 Show with Interviews from the 2018 G3 Conference Part 4: Justin Peters, Andrew Rappaport, PLUS Kofi Adu-Boahen


February 7, 2018:

Interviews recorded LIVE
at the

  • JUSTIN PETERS, Founder of JustinPeters.org
  • ANDREW RAPPAPORT, Founder of StrivingForEternity.org
  • KOFI ADU-BOAHEN, son of a Word of Faith Pentecostal pastor in the UK who renounced his father’s theology & is now a Reformed Baptist & Cessationist, & a longtime loyal listener of “Iron Sharpens Iron” Radio


These interviews were conducted on-site from the Iron Sharpens Iron Radio booth in the exhibition hall of the Georgia International Convention Center in Atlanta.


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