February 23, 2018 Show with Brad Gsell on “Speaking the Truth in Love: The Legacy of Billy Graham & The Accommodation of Truth to Error in the Evangelical Church”


February 23, 2018:

Brad Gsell,
Elder @ Bible Presbyterian Church of Charlotte, NC,
President of the International Council of Christian
Churches, President of The Independent Board for
Presbyterian Foreign Missions, Editor of Redeeming
the Time quarterly magazine, member of the Executive
Committee of the American Council of Christian
Churches & Stated Clerk of Faith Presbytery, Bible
Presbyterian Church, who will discuss:

Accommodation of Truth to Error in the Evangelical Church”

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  1. Chris, I can’t thank you enough for this show, which gave a gracious, fair, and balanced look at the life and ministry of Billy Graham. But, I am also exceptionally glad that you and Brad didn’t shy away from examining the compromise and error in belief and practice that Graham espoused over the years. I have recently read articles on Graham written by two highly well known and highly respected ministers, and both gave great accolades to him but only barely, at best, hinted at his errors. I can’t say I understand how ministers who have preached, taught, and wrote against these types of errors faithfully over the years, can then turn around and be silent when there is a brontosaurus in the living room. This does not bode well for the church, as many look to these leaders for leadership and guidance in these types of situations, and in general. It appears that sometimes it’s the “little guys” who have to do the work that the “big guys” are failing to do. Again, thank you, keep up the good work.
    Grace and peace


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