December 28, 2017 Show with Justin Peters on “The Latest Dangerous Names Teaching the Word of Faith Heresy”


December 28, 2017:

(M.Div., Th.M. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary),
evangelist & teacher having preached in 42 states & 23
countries, author, radio host & founder of Justin Peters Ministries, which is committed to expositional
preaching & equipping believers to biblically
engage false doctrine, will address:

“The Latest Dangerous Names
Teaching the WORD of FAITH Heresy”

announcing the 2018


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  1. Thank you Justine Peters for this great work, my eyes have opened because of your teachings on word of faith. I was attending word of faith church but now am no longer since my eyes opened to the truth. I’ve also learnt to study the word on my own and my faith has grown.
    Thank you again and may God bless you more and more


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