December 26, 2017 Show with Dr. Desmond Ford on “The Investigative Judgment & The Everlasting Gospel”


December 26, 2017:

For the very first time ever on IRON SHARPENS IRON Radio:
Dr. Desmond Ford, world renowned theologian & scholar, & former Seventh-day Adventist, who will address:


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  1. What place does the ten commandments have in our salvation?

  2. Loved ever bit of this interview of Dr Ford. I am a Seventh Day Adventist who believes that Dr. Ford is the greatest scholar of the SDA Church. He is absolutely right, I whole heartedly support every point he made an I praise him for his stance, his books, and his ministry.

    • Seventh-day Adventist have a statement of belief of which Dr Ford cannot hold to. Those that agree with him forfeit the right to hold that name. While many who cast off the sanctuary teaching thinking it being progressive is seen by myself as rejecting a foundational doctrine that revealed many truths lost over time that demonstrates the love of God to man. The other danger I see in Fordism is the helplessness of keeping the law of God even with the abiding Spirit of God. Never should it be promoted that we are left in a wretched condition. We are delivered from this body of death we are told. Romans 6. We are told that to be Spiritually minded is life and peace. Those that are after the Spirit fulfil the righteous requirements of the law. Romans 8:1-6. This is all inclusive of the Gospel. It is the power of God revealed in the just, from faith to faith. Romans 1:16,17.

      • Barry, the helplessness of man in keeping the law has to do with his status in salvation. This is why Jesus had to die for mankind. He died to take our place as our representative and substitute. Des certainly believes in sanctification, as revealed in his own idealism and personal life. But, however saintly a Christian becomes, and they should so aspire, they still fall short of the glory of God and need Jesus to take their place—all their days. If you read 1 Selected Messages, pages 350 to 400, where Ellen White writes about justification by faith, you will see she and Des hold the same position. EGW certainly believed what the pioneers believed on the sanctuary message, but she got it from Uriah Smith and J. N. Andrews, and they were in error. Compared with the vast majority of her writings on the cross, GC and PK are exceptional not routine. Not only Des, but many scholars historically have disagreed and disagree with this position. Sanctification is not part of the gospel. It is the result of accepting the gospel. I would remind you that Adventists don’t believe in a creed, and the statement of faith should not be used as a checklist for membership. The Bible is our standard of faith. Des could agree with and work under the consensus statements at Glacier View. But this was not what he was judged by. He was judged by the Dallas Statement. And if you read the history of it by Larry Geraty, the Dallas Statement was ultimately rushed through and cobbled together. And it was done to fire Des—a decision made before Glacier View.

    • Agree whole heartedly with you Yeme.
      Dr Ford demonstrated a number personal traits that i have witnessed personally.
      Such as:
      Deep and strong Faithfulness to God
      He is the quintessential Adventist in every way; next time talk to him about lifestyle.
      He articulated his three big issues he had with the church. He has many many who see that. Even people in important hierarchical church positions.
      The two distinct theological positions on Salvation(Grace or Works) have been clearly identified since the historic 1888 General Confetence Meeting.
      Ellen White and her family chose righteousness by faith as their raison d’etre.
      We know where Des stands!.
      His legacy is immeasuble.
      If it wasnt for Des’ faithfulness to his calling then this Pharasee would have NEVER have made it to “Straight st.” (Acts 9:11-12)!

    • In our observation of Dr. Ford through the years, we feel that he is the most loyal Christian we have ever known. And his lifestyle is impeccable – probably one reason why he still has such a sharp mind at the age of 90. Also, his messages are not only inspiring but they are also accurate, in our opinion. We have been blessed by him ever since we first heard him on a recording in the fall of 1979, clarifying many things that we had wondered about ourselves. And we have been fortunate to have had him give his studies and lectures near enough to where we live to see and interact with him several times.
      May God continue to bless you and your family, Dr. Des Ford!!!

  3. What a great man of God! I am happy this great gospel preacher remains consistent with the message he has stood for many decades. God continue sustaining you.

  4. It’s great to hear Dr. Ford sounding so clear and vibrant. I agree with him re the 2300 day prophecy. What an amazingly brilliant mind. I’ve often wondered why he didn’t start another denomination. There must be others like myself seeking an alternative to the SDA church. I can only imaginne that the Holy Spitit had not led him to do so.
    God bless you Dr. Ford

    • Jennifer, if would be nice if somebody had the calling to start a new denomination, but it’s not Des’s calling. He was never interested in it. Because of human nature, including ours, you just import the same problems.

  5. I was a Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) minister. I received my B.A. in Theology with a minor in Biblical Languages at the SDA school, Atlantic Union College (class of ’78). My graduate studies in Elementary Education and Psychology were done at Andrews University, also a SDA institution. I still have possession of personal communication (two letters) with Dr. Desmond Ford concerning his issues about SDA sanctuary theology, especially his rational objections to “investigative judgment”. I renounced SDAism in 1981.

    Have you gotten no further than this after all this time?! I expected more.
    Perhaps it is time to re-examine the validity of an even broader swath of Christian theory.
    Best wishes to you, Des, as you search for truth. I believe you are a man of good will.


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